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About Us

What Our Architecture Services Can Do for You

When you have a specific design idea for a commercial structure or a family residential project that you want to bring to life, contact Lipe Architecture. Our goal is to take the image you have in mind and design a construction plan that is unique to you. Our company will meticulously take the time to prepare drawings that meet your specifications. Our services handle everything from navigating building codes and regulations to overseeing the construction contract. By tailoring a design that caters to your needs and fulfills your ideal look, Lipe Architecture saves you valuable time and money and provides you with a design that you will be satisfied with.

Rest assured, your idea rests in capable hands and will be brought to life just the way you envision.

Meet David Lipe

With a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, David Lipe has served the Central Illinois area since 1998 for all their architectural needs. When you contact Lipe Architecture, our company can assist you in designing services for various building types, such as new homes, offices, schools, hotels, multi-family housing and more. If you seek to add an addition to your existing space or embark on a remodeling project, we can assist you, regardless of the scale. Drawing upon our artistic spirit and a commitment to personal expression, our designs are crafted to captivate your attention and fulfill your design wish. 

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From modest residential ventures to grand institutional endeavors, we are dedicated to creating designs that will capture people's attention and bring your vision to life.


David Lipe

David Lipe is a highly respected architect based in Central Illinois, known for his exceptional design skills and attention to detail. With years of experience in the industry, David has developed a reputation for creating innovative and functional architectural solutions that exceed client expectations. His expertise and passion for architecture make him a sought-after professional in the region.


  • University of Illinois – Champaign
  • School of Architecture
  • Masters of Architecture, Design – 1998
  • Bachelor of Science – Architectural Studies – 1996


  • Serving Central Illinois since 1998


  • State of Illinois – Architect – Lic. No. 001.018457
  • State of Iowa – Architect – Reg. No. 06714
  • State of Missouri – Architect – Lic. No. A-2013000195
  • State of Indiana – Architect – Lic. No. AR11500014
  • State of Kentucky – Architect – Lic. No. 8064
  • State of Kansas – Architect – Lic. No. 8073
  • National Council of Architectural Registration – NCARB Reg. No. 74706
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